When you adopt a pup from a shelter or rescue group, you’re not only saving a life, but you’re also adding love, fun, and unlimited snuggles to your life.

That's why we collaborated with Puppy Songs (@puppysongs) on their new song, “If I Were Your Pup!” We partnered with them to help you spread the word about the benefits of adopting a dog and to help homeless dogs in your community. 

Check out all the fun things you can do with an adopted pup:

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Every pup deserves a loving home 

Dogs are at risk in shelters across the country every day, but you can take action and create change in your community and beyond when you advocate for adoptable dogs. 

Adopting is such a great way to have an impact on your community and beyond. By adopting a dog from a shelter or a rescue group — instead of buying one — you’ll make room for more adoptable dogs at the shelter and set a positive example for everyone. 

Many people don’t realize that when they buy a dog from a pet store or the internet, that dog very likely came from a puppy mill. Puppy mill dogs live in small, cramped cages. They’re deprived of love, socialization, and basic medical care. And female dogs are bred constantly to produce as many puppies as possible to be sold online and in pet stores across the country. 

But you can be the person who saves a life. Take action and create a better world by speaking up for adorable, adoptable dogs! 

How you can help end puppy mills 

Best Friends collaborates with passionate and caring people like you to help eliminate puppy mills. 

Puppy mills are dangerous environments. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed in shelters each year because they don’t have safe places to call home. That’s why it’s important that we end puppy mills, and we need your help. 

Best Friends’ puppy mill initiatives educate people about puppy mills and encourage pet adoption. We use these important initiatives to create and lobby for legislation and policies that protect pets — and you can jump right in and get involved when you pledge your support for these initiatives.     

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Here are more great ways to help right now! 

Work with others in your community to create local change and help keep dogs and cats out of shelters. 

Donate to save the lives of pups 

Your gift today goes straight to work saving the lives of at-risk dogs and cats. You’ll be helping to provide the care and healing they need to find loving homes. 

Help a shelter or animal rescue group near you 

The Best Friends Network is made up of thousands of public and private shelters, rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations, and other animal welfare groups, all working to save the lives of dogs and cats in communities like yours across the country.

Each and every one of our network partners needs caring people like you to adopt, volunteer, transport, foster, donate, and advocate to help save the lives of pets where you live.

Find a network partner near you today:

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Stories of making change for the animals 

Caring people like you are stepping up to save animals around the country. 

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About Best Friends

Best Friends Animal Society is working to save the lives of cats and dogs all across the country, giving pets second chances and happy homes.

Just a few short years ago, cats and dogs were killed in staggering numbers in this country simply because shelters didn't have the community support or the resources to save their lives. That number is now less than half a million per year, but there’s still work to do to ensure a bright future for every dog and cat in America. 

Best Friends operates the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and is committed to saving the lives of homeless pets by working with shelters and passionate people like you. Together, we will bring the whole country to no-kill by 2025. Together, we will Save Them All.

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