Save homeless pets in Northwest Arkansas

Adopt a pet

By adopting a dog or cat, you’re helping Save Them All — one four-legged friend at a time. While the new resource center is being built, you can search for adoptable pets in the Northwest Arkansas area online or in our cat lifesaving center in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Experience the joy and fulfillment that helping animals brings. And know that your efforts, big or small, are helping to Save Them All.

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Foster a homeless pet

Though you didn’t plan it, you’re probably spending more time at home and less time out and about. So now is the perfect time to foster a homeless pet.

Fostering gives dogs and cats the time, love and care they need to find adoptive homes. Plus, it opens up space for another pet to be rescued, which is why foster homes are so crucial for saving lives.

Did you know that fostering a pet will help you, too? Studies have shown that having a pet can help reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you prefer cat snuggles or dog kisses, we have a furry friend who can make your days a little happier. We’ll give you everything you need to care for your foster pet, including supplies, vet care and support.

Find a foster pet who fits in perfectly with your family!

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When you make a gift today, your kindness goes straight to work saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats in Arkansas and all across the country through adoption, foster, spay/neuter programs and more. Plus, it'll help make Arkansas and the entire nation no-kill.

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To donate by mail, please send your gift to:

Best Friends Animal Society in Northwest Arkansas
P.O. Box 2855
Bentonville, AR 72712

Please make check payable to Best Friends Animal Society.

Support homeless pets

Want to provide love, joy and TLC to dogs and cats waiting to find families of their very own? Browse our Walmart registry. All items purchased will go directly to animals in shelters and foster care in Northwest Arkansas.

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Attend events

Join Best Friends in Northwest Arkansas at one of our fun, lifesaving events. It’s the perfect time to add a new best friend to your family so be sure to check out all of the adoptable cats and dogs. Find all the information about upcoming events on our Facebook page.

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