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Gifts to commemorate a pet

Pet memorials can bring comfort and peace to those who are grieving.

Our pets are with us through thick and thin. They are woven into the very fabric of our everyday lives, greeting us after a long day, comforting us in sad times, doubling our happiness in joyful times. They are unconditional and 100% reliable in their love. And when they’re gone from our lives, to help us heal, we look for ways to remember our dog, cat, or other beloved pet.

Pets forever change us. They make our hearts fuller for loving them. So when they pass, it seems only right to memorialize them. Because, when you remember your dog or cat in a special way, you not only honor their lives, but you also help yourself heal.

While the grieving process is unique, we hope that this article helps you find some comfort or gives you the tools you provide comfort to a grieving pet owner.

Memorial stones

Celebrate the life of your pet with a memorial or gift

Pet memorials and memorial gifts — from calming wind chimes to sympathy cards to memorial donations — can bring comfort to those who are grieving.

Best Friends Pet Memorial Gifts

Find gifts to honor your pets or gifts for grieving pet owners.

Our pets are all special and have a unique place in our lives, so it only makes sense to want to find equally special ways to commemorate a pet.

Whether you are looking to make a donation in memory of a pet, find a gift for a grieving pet owner, or find custom-made wind chimes that bring peace with each ring, Best Friends has many types of pet memorial gifts to help you honor the pet or pet lover in your life. We also have pet memorial keepsakes like beautiful markers, pet memorial stones, and engraved bricks placed in remembrance at the Sanctuary’s Angels Rest.

Dog remembrance gifts

It was best-selling author Agnes Sligh Turnbull who said, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” It’s true that dogs touch our lives in so many ways, filling our souls with joy and love. Best Friends offers many ways to remember your dog, as well as dog tribute gifts that you can give to help someone who lost a dog.

Cat remembrance gifts

Cats are cuddle bugs and best friends. They can make you laugh and warm your heart. And when they cross the rainbow bridge, they leave a hole in our lives forever. Best Friends cat remembrance gifts help you pay tribute to your feline friends and keep them near your heart.

Memorial keepsakes

The best pet loss gifts are those that come from the heart. Best Friends’ memorial keepsakes allow you to memorialize your best friend in a heartfelt way.

Our pet memorial stones come in flagstone, grey granite and rose granite. No matter which you choose, you can make it special with personalized words and/or photos to commemorate a pet.

We also offer custom-made wind chimes that can serve as a marker. The beautiful chimes offer soothing and reflective sounds to bring a grieving soul comfort. The chimes can be personalized and make unique memorial keepsakes. These also make thoughtful gifts for grieving pet owners.

Pet remembrance donations

With the touch of a paw, the tilt of a head, a soft sigh or purr, we know what our pets are saying. The bond we share with them is simply extraordinary. And even when they’re gone, that bond is never broken.

Celebrate that bond with a memorial gift that not only pays tribute to your or your friend’s beloved pets, but also helps to save the lives of pets who are still waiting for homes of their own. Whether you make a memorial donation in memory of a pet, make monthly memorial donations or start a fundraiser in your pet’s name, know that your pet memorial gift means the world to dogs and cats in need.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary memorials

Reserving a memorial brick at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a special way to honor the memory of a beloved pet or person.

You can reserve a memorial brick with a donation to the animals of $130 or more, and it may be engraved with a special name or message. The brick will then be placed permanently along the beautiful Angels Rest path at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Pet loss sympathy notes

A personalized, hand-written note can bring joy to a heart that’s hurting.

If you’re looking for what to do for someone in your life who has lost a dog, cat, or other special pet, Best Friends has beautifully designed pet sympathy cards for you to send to grieving pet owners. Send the notes alone or along with your pet sympathy gift.

Pet memorial services

Get the help you need making arrangements for your beloved pets.

Angels Rest blessings

Monthly blessing ceremonies at Angels Rest provide an opportunity for people to come together not only to grieve, but to celebrate all the pets who have enriched our lives and left an indelible mark on our souls.

Blessing ceremonies are held at Angels Rest on the last Thursday of every month. You can watch the ceremony virtually via Best Friends’ YouTube channel or on Facebook.

If you plan to visit the Sanctuary, please email to see if it’s possible to attend the ceremony in person.

Pet burial

Best Friends has full-body and cremains placements available for the pets at the Sanctuary’s Angels Rest and Angels Overlook. If you have lost a beloved pet, we’d be honored to assist you in making arrangements for the placement of your pet.

Help with grieving your pet

It's so hard to say goodbye to our faithful animal companions.

Grief over the death of a dog, cat or other beloved pet is very real, and coping with the loss can be a challenge. Here are some articles to help with saying goodbye to your pet:

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