Thousands of pets go home, thanks to Bounty

Family adopting a puppy at the National Adoption Weekend
Bounty picked up adoption fees for the pets of Best Friends and our partners during National Pet Month, helping more than 5,000 find homes.
By Best Friends staff

What a month! May was National Pet Month and in honor of it, Best Friends partnered with Bounty the Quicker Picker Upper to pick up adoption fees for homeless pets. Not only did Bounty cover the adoption fees at all Best Friends locations, but it also helped cover them at participating network partners across the country during National Adoption Weekend. The results: More than 5,500 pets were adopted.

It was a much-needed boost for homeless pets. With shelters everywhere seeing more pets coming in than last year, this was a pivotal time to help as many animals as possible get into new homes. The happy adoption photos and stories started rolling in May 1 and just kept coming.

People adopted pets waiting longer than most for the right person to come along and choose them. And there were pets adopted within hours of arriving at Best Friends. Many people came in to adopt because of the promotion, and others were happily surprised to learn about it once they’d fallen in love with a pet.

It all added up to the highest number of adoptions at Best Friends locations for this time period in four years. But the success went beyond helping animals at Best Friends find homes.

Extending the love to others

Network partners were also invited to participate during National Adoption Weekend, and they received a stipend from Bounty for cats and dogs adopted out. More than 200 of our partners signed up, with shelters and rescue groups from coast to coast encouraging people to come out and adopt their pets. The report from partners: There were big smiles and many, many empty kennels.

More than 4,500 pets were adopted from participating partners in a single weekend — a huge success.

Pet adoption photos

Here are just a few of the adopted pets and their new families. Big thanks to Bounty for helping to save pets’ lives and encouraging people to adopt a new best friend.

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