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Urge your representatives to vote NO on Illinois House Bill 3728.

IL: Puppies and kittens need your voice!

cat and dog

Great news! HB 3728 did not meet the March 26 deadline to be voted out of committee, so it will not be moving forward this year. However, you can still make your voice heard on an important bill to end puppy mill sales in Illinois (click here). Thank you for speaking up for pets and consumers in the Prairie State!


Dangerous legislation that would represent a huge step backward in the fight against puppy and kitten mills is being considered by your state legislators.  

If enacted, House Bill 3728 will prohibit Illinois localities from regulating activity involving animals, which includes pet dealers.

As a result, puppy mills will continue to flourish and consumers will be deprived of their right to know where the animals sold in pet shops really come from.

Twenty-one Illinois cities and counties have taken important legislative steps to address the cruelty of pet mills, and this ability should not be taken away. 

Local communities should be permitted to regulate pet dealers and enact their own appropriate laws without interference from the state legislature.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Urge your representatives to vote NO on HB 3728.

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