Adopt a pet to help save lives

When you adopt a pet, you’re not only giving one animal a loving home in Atlanta, but you’re also creating space for another homeless pet to be rescued.

Best Friends believes that saving the lives of homeless pets should be a community effort rather than relying solely on animal shelters, so we place adoptable pets in foster homes across the area. Adopters can meet potential best friends through virtual meet-and-greets.

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Looking to meet fabulous pets in Atlanta?

There are so many dogs and cats just waiting for a best friend like you.

If you see a dog or cat you’d like to meet, complete the adoption survey, specifying the particular pet you are interested in meeting.

Once you submit the form, an adoption counselor will contact you directly to schedule a virtual meet-and-greet. Meet-and-greet requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Following the virtual meet-and-greet, the adoption can be finalized and arrangements will be made for you to officially pick up your new best friend!

We can only facilitate in-person meet-and-greets for adult dogs if they are requested or necessary.

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Adoption fees and current specials

Looking to bring home someone special? Now's the perfect time to do it!

Dog Adoption Fees
Adoption fees for puppies under six months are $100, and $50 for adult dogs over six month.

Cat Adoption Fees
Adoption fees for kittens under six months are $50, and $25 for adult cats over six months.

Adoption fees are waived when you adopt a special needs pet FeLV, FIV, blind, or deaf.

Smiling person holding two brown tabby kittens

Kitten adoption special

Adopt two kittens, and fees are waived on the second.
Smiling senior dog lying between two people on some green grass

Adopt a senior pet

Fees are waived for all pets 8 and older.

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