Find a unique gift for that animal lover in your life.

Our bond with our pets inspires us to be better humans and to see the potential for love and resilience in each animal. Still, so many loyal pets are waiting to find families of their very own. You have the power to provide a little extra love when you choose gifts that give right back.

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Choose a gift that gives back

You can donate to honor someone for his or her birthday, sponsor an animal, and more. Your gift is going to work right away to help homeless pets needing a second chance at life.

It’s the simplest way to reach animals around the country as well as loved ones near and far.

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Your kindness will bring a bit of magic to cats and dogs waiting for loved ones of their very own. 




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Shop the Best Friends Store

Shop while saving lives. Your purchase will assist homeless pets and help to Save Them All.

Become a Guardian Angel

You can make a difference for the animals year-round with monthly giving.

Sponsorship gifts are one-time gifts only, but if you'd like to help the animals year-round, become a Guardian Angel when you sign up for monthly giving.