Baby duck and mama goose

A baby duck or goose?

June 24, 2005

Who is that little baby Gracie the goose is looking after? Is she a duck or a goose?

Giving marriage another shot

Giving marriage another shot

June 16, 2005

Do you remember those sad eyes? Well, no more of that! Bubba’s gone from an abusive marriage to a brand new, happy one.

The Parrot Pair

The Parrot Pair

June 8, 2005

Arranged marriage? Not for these two parrots. Now, they’re at Best Friends, where they can finally do whatever they please!

Toby the mule isn't ornery or stubborn.

Ornery as a mule?

June 6, 2005

One mule is correcting misconceptions about mules being ornery and stubborn.

A late bloomer

A late bloomer

May 31, 2005

It was a long time coming, but Calvin is finally ready to leave his nest.