Bunny House: The cutest place on Earth for domestic rabbits and guinea pigs

The Bunny House is home to around 130 rabbits and a few guinea pigs, too. Some were abandoned outdoors — but domestic rabbits can’t fend for themselves outside! — while others were victims of hoarding or excessive breeding. Some have injuries or special needs. And all of them just want to be loved. Rabbits are some of the softest, gentlest creatures on earth, and here at the Bunny House, they get companionship with other rabbits, expert rabbit vet care, delicious fresh veggies year-round, activities and places to dig, and most importantly of all, the chance to heal and feel safe as they wait for their very own forever homes.

Our residents

Adorable, snuggly rabbits abound here at the Bunny House! Some are shy, some have special needs, and many are dependent on a rabbit friend, and want to go home as part of a pair or threesome. But all of these happy hoppers are spayed or neutered, and ready to meet someone special.