Wild Friends: Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends’ Wild Friends refuge is a state- and federally-licensed wildlife rehabilitation center for helping orphaned and injured wild animals get back on their feet – and back to the wild. There’s hardly a wild one in need that we haven’t seen here. From bobcats, to eagles, to little wild bunnies, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing them run or fly free again after medical care and a short reprieve here at Wild Friends. A small number who are too injured to be re-released or who are actually exotic pets rather than wild animals stay on as part of our wildlife education program.

Our wildlife residents

While most animals at Wild Friends are only stopping by for a little rehabilitation before they go back to their lives in the wild, there are always a few permanent residents, and even a few unusual animals up for adoption like ducks.