Animal summer camp for kids at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah

Kids Camp 2018

June 1 to August 10
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. MT
Click here to register.

Email or call us at 435-644-2001, ext. 4555 for more information.

The Best Friends Kids Camp in Memory of Nathania Gartman is a free summer day camp, full of fun activities and learning opportunities. The camp is open to children ages six to nine years old and offers a unique chance for your kids to get to know the special dogs and cats, horses and pigs, and birds and bunnies at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Each day of the week, this camp for kids features a different enjoyable and educational activity, so sign your child up for as many or as few days as you like. And while your child is cultivating a love for animals and having a fabulous time, it’s your chance to volunteer in one of the animal care areas — or simply relax and enjoy the Sanctuary’s stunning surroundings.

What are kids saying about the day camp?

“The best part of camp was seeing the kittens in Cat World because they were so cute!  There was nothing bad about camp.  I loved it so much!”

“The best part of camp was the bunnies because I got to pet them and I gave the older bunnies treats.  I loved everything.”

“I liked riding in the van, feeding fish, petting the puppies and seeing the rabbits.”

“I liked feeding the puppies and training them and seeing the cute kitties!”

Almost all the kids, when asked what we could do to make camp better, responded by saying “make camp longer!”

What are parents saying about the summer program for kids?

“So glad that Best Friends is providing a camp that teaches children how to interact with animals.  They are a very important part of our lives.  We will be back next year.”

“This was a great experience for Jade (7yrs).  While she was at camp it gave me the opportunity to volunteer with my 10yr old in areas where Jade was not old enough to go in.  Thank you!”

“Camp was a fun and welcoming experience for the parents and kids.  Wonderful experience and the counselors had perfect balance (responsive and fun).”

“As a parent it is an incredible service to have wonderful, reliable child care while I get to volunteer.  Nothing could be better or more appreciated!  Thank you!”

Who is Nathania Gartman?

Nathania Gartman was a co-founder of Best Friends and dedicated her life to service. Not only was she committed to ending the killing of cats and dogs in shelters, she was also dedicated to transforming the way people, and especially children, think about animals. A nationally respected humane educator, Utah Educator of the Year, President of the Association of Professional Humane Educators and education director for Best Friends, Nathania started educational programs at the Sanctuary, and worked in communities around the country to teach respect, compassion, and empathy for all living things.

Nathania believed that the way to change the future is to influence those who will live it, and teaching children and young people to love animals was her passion. She hosted workshops, internships, and tours for children and adults at the Sanctuary, worked in local schools, helped launch Utah's Week for the Animals, and worked extensively with children in the Navajo nation and across the country.

Nathania passed away from cancer in 2003, but her passion for educating children lives on at the Sanctuary. The Best Friends Kids Camp is a free program offered during the summer that gives children the opportunity to learn about and safely interact with the animals at the Sanctuary. Best Friends Kids Camp honors Nathania’s legacy of compassion for animals and her dedication to educating children.

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