Frequently asked questions about your Sanctuary stay

Best Friends Lodging FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact the Lodging Department directly at (435) 644-2001 ext 4826.

What time can I check in?

Check in time is between 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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What time must I check out?

Check out time is no later than 11:00 a.m.

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How can I check the availability of the cottages/cabins/RVs?

You can check availability by going to and entering your desired date(s) for your particular lodging option (cottages, cabins or RV sites). You will then be able to see whether or not those dates are available.

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Where can I find photos of the accommodations?

You can find photos of the cottages, cabins and RV sites on our online reservation system by clicking the details tab bseside each unit or by visiting our Place to Stay webpage. 

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Will my cell phone work at the Sanctuary?

Most cell phones work in town, but not at the Sanctuary.

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Will I be able to make long distance calls?

You will need a calling card to make a long distance call from your room.Calling cards may be purchased at local Kanab gas stations.

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How can my family reach me in case of an emergency?

Each cottage and cabin has a telephone in the room. The phone numbers will be included in your final reminder letter six days before your visit.

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What is the weather like in Kanab?

Kanab sits at a high-desert elevation of approximately 5,000 feet; humidity is low.

Jan-March: Typically cold and sunny, occasional snow or rain. Can also be sunny, warm, and in the mid-60s. Be prepared for all types of weather.
April-June: April can be stormy and windy. Otherwise, sunny 50s-70s through May. June is warmer, usually into the 80s.
July-Aug: Our hottest months, often 90-100 degrees … but it’s a dry heat. We typically experience summer thunderstorms and rain during this season, although it is usually brief. There is a danger of flash floods in canyons and washes. Hikers need to exercise great caution.
Sept-Oct: Once the summer rains are over, it is typically dry, mild, and sunny. Our best season to be outdoors. Beautiful fall colors.
Nov-Dec: Occasional snow before Thanksgiving, but November can also be mild and beautiful. December is cold, often with rain or snow.

For more information on road conditions, click here.

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How do I get my keys if I’m checking in after 5pm?

Your room will be left unlocked for you, and you will be able to lock the doors once inside. Keys will be provided to you when you check in at the Welcome Center the next morning.

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Is laundry service available at the Sanctuary?

There are no on-site laundry facilities; however, there is one laundromat in town, just five miles away.

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What if my dates are unavailable? 
We do keep a wait list and would be happy to include you on that list if you would like. Also, our web site lists places to stay in town; Kanab is only five miles from the Sanctuary.

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What happens after I am put on the wait list?

If a guest cancels a reservation for the dates you want, our reservations coordinator will notify you of that cancellation and give you the opportunity to reserve the cottage/cabin/RV. However, if it is a last-minute cancellation and we do not reach you immediately, we will have to contact the next person on the list. If there are no cancellations, you will not be contacted.

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What is the difference between a cabin and a cottage?

The cottages can accommodate up to six guests. The cabins are much smaller and are intended to be occupied by one or two persons. The cottages have a bedroom with two double beds, and there is a living room with a sleeper sofa. The cabins are a “studio” setting with one queen-sized bed. The cottages are located by the horse corrals and closer to some of our office buildings and the Welcome Center. The cabins are more secluded. Each cottage has its own deck or patio; the cabin guests share a patio area. The cabins provide a more economical option to our guests who are on tighter budgets and don’t need the extra space and amenities of a cottage.

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What are the rates for the cottages, cabins, and RV sites?

The rates differ, depending on the time of year.

For Best Friends Members*

March thru November:
Cottage: $130
Cabin: $85
RV site (closed Nov 1 - Mar 15): $30

December thru February
Cottage: $95
Cabin: $60
RV site: n/a

For non Best Friends Members* (click here to become a member and save lives)

March through November
Cottage: $150
Cabin: $105
RV site: $50

December thru February
Cottage: $95
Cabin: $60
RV site: n/a

*excludes tax

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What is the cancellation policy?

Best Friends Lodging Cancellation Policy (Effective 3/24/2016)

Payment in full is required to secure a lodging reservation as we rely on our lodging income to help support the sanctuary animals and our outreach programs, we must adhere to our cancellation policy. To prevent financial loss in the case of unforeseen circumstances (inclement weather, illness, family emergency, etc.) which result in a need to cancel a reservation, we strongly recommend that guests purchase travel insurance.

If you need to cancel or modify your reservation for any reason, please contact us immediately at or 435-644-2001 ext. 4826. Please read the cancellation policy carefully and let us know if you have any questions. The following conditions will apply:

  1. Guests who give less than 30 days’ notice to shorten, change dates, or cancel their stay will not be able to receive a transfer of their payment or refund of any amount. Changing dates with less than 30 days' notice is considered a cancellation. If a guest is unable to use their reservation, they have the option to send someone else in their place.
  2. Guests who give 30-90 days’ notice to shorten, change dates, or cancel their stay will not be able to receive a refund of any amount. However, these guests will be offered a transfer of their payment, limited to a one-time re-booking within a year from their initial check in date. Once the dates have been re-booked, the reservation must be used at that time and no further adjustments will be permitted. If a guest is unable to use their reservation, they have the option to send someone else in their place.
  3. Guests who give more than 90 days’ notice to shorten, change dates, or cancel their stay will be offered a transfer of their payment, limited to a one-time re-booking within a year from their initial check in date. Once the dates have been re-booked, the reservation must be used at that time and no further adjustments will be permitted. If a transfer is not possible, these guests will receive a refund of their payment, minus a $25 administrative processing fee.

For information on whether or not your lodging payment is tax deductible, please consult your tax professional. 

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Will I need my own transportation when I arrive at Best Friends Animal Society?

Yes, the Sanctuary is located on 33,000 acres. In order to get to our lodging, the Welcome Center, and the different animal areas to volunteer, it is necessary to have your own transportation.

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Can I get around the Sanctuary on an ATV?

ATVs are not to be operated on Sanctuary property or on county roads.

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I'm planning to stay in your RV site. Can I drive my RV around the sanctuary?

The sanctuary does not have adequate parking to accommodate RVs, and many of the roads are narrow and unimproved; therefore, RVs cannot be driven around the sanctuary. You will need to bring another vehicle for transportation.

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Can our pets stay in the cottages and cabins?

Your pets are welcome in our accommodations, up to three pets in the cottages and up to two pets in the cabins. Your pets may remain in your room unattended if they are well-behaved and are not destructive, but please check on them regularly.

Please, for the safety of your pets, and other animals at the Sanctuary, keep your pets leashed when outside the rooms. Some of the Sanctuary dogs on sleepovers are in training and may become aggressive when approached by an unfamiliar dog. Help them learn and become model citizens. Cats also go on sleepovers, and some cats are sometimes taken for walks on leash.

This rule will be strictly enforced.

If your own dog is not comfortable around unfamiliar dogs, please be aware that there may also be some unleashed “out dogs” at the Sanctuary. These dogs are generally under the control of their caregiver and should not approach you.

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Is there a restaurant at the Sanctuary?

Lunch is served seven days a week. You are welcome to join staff members and other volunteers for lunch. Our Angel Village Cafe serves a vegetarian buffet lunch, with vegan options, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily. The cost is $5.00 per person. When the weather is nice, you may wish to enjoy the spectacular view of Angel Canyon from our spacious deck.

There are a number of restaurants in town (approximately five miles away); some close during the winter months. For a list of restaurants, click here.

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Will I be able to cook in my accommodations?

The cottages include a microwave, toaster, and hot plate. The cabins include a microwave and toaster. Open flames (such as campfires and barbecues) are not permitted anywhere on Sanctuary property. Our climate is dry and we cannot risk the safety of our animals.

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Is there anything else I need to know?

You can find more information about visiting on the Best Friends website. Click here.

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