Justin was born without back feet!

But this charming puppy has no intention of being held back. He’s a squooshy, wiggly, bundle of puppy love.

Justin was born under a house. His mom was a stray and, sadly, didn’t survive the ordeal of giving birth. So the kind owner of the house bottle fed the three pups and at seven weeks brought Justin and his siblings to a rescue group (which happened to be a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network partner). And the two siblings, who had the usual number of feet, settled right in.

But Justin clearly needed more help. His foster home tried to put booties on his back legs to keep him from getting rug burns. But Justin was pretty quick to take them off!

Is he a candidate for prosthetics? Is there another way to help him scoot around comfortably?

All that can be said for sure is that we were delighted to welcome him at Best Friends, and now that he’s here, we’ll explore every avenue.  Because this peppy munchkin is stealing hearts in our puppy preschool, and we know that someday he’ll steal the hearts of his very own family.

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These boots were made for walking.